HVAC: Ductless Mini-Split Systems

The full team at Local Electric is now licensed to install AC Heat Pumps. These ductless mini-split systems are an excellent option for homeowners looking for new options for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. Take a look below to learn more about the advantages of these systems.

The Pros of a Ductless System

HVAC ductless minisplit systemOriginally posted by HGTV, read a bit more about why a ductless system could be best for your home. A ductless heat pump or air conditioner typically consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit combined with an outside compressor. It’s most often used in a situation where a window AC unit or baseboard heating would be considered, such as a new addition to a house. But unlike window units, ductless units require only a very small hole to be drilled into the wall, making them less vulnerable to air leakage and security problems. Plus, they’re less visible and audible.

They’re also exceedingly energy-efficient. “In the average house, you’re losing 25 percent or more of your energy to ductwork,” says James Bowman, National Technical Manager for RectorSeal and a 20+ year veteran of the HVAC industry. “Simply by removing the ducts, you end up with a more efficient system. Ductless models also have inverter-driven compressors, which speed up and slow down based on the needs of the system instead of shutting off entirely like traditional HVAC compressors do. You consume a lot of energy during compressor start-up.”

Mini-Splits vs Central Air

hvac mini ductless split system“Mini-split systems have little-to-no ducts, so they avoid the energy losses associated with the ductwork of central forced air systems. Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the ducts are in an unconditioned space such as an attic or basement.

Central air systems require expensive and intrusive ductwork. Any homeowner who has priced out having central air installed understands how prohibitively expensive it is.” Read more from Fujitsu.

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