World Supply Shortage, A Local Solution

In the past year (or two) Covid, Delta & Omicron has brought many challenges to all of us, both personally and professionally.However, it also brought many opportunities for private and commercial projects to emerge. But therein lies the problem. Supply Chain Shortages!

In fact, The Construction Leadership Council has warned that cement, some electrical components, timber, steel and paints are all in short supply. It blamed “unprecedented levels of demand” that are set to continue. The Federation of Master Builders said that some building firms may have to delay projects and others could be forced to close as a result.

Not at Local Electric!

Recognizing this as a potential problem, Local Electric took the supply chain crisis very seriously. Knowing that supplies can take as long as six months to arrive, we got busy expanding our shop and inventory. This action has resulted in minimal delays for our customers’ projects.

How You Can Help

Aside from continually restocking and expanding our inventory, scheduling your project in advance will help a great deal. Contact us at 802-343-6741 to schedule your project soon!

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